Registering your interest or contacting us for a consultation is absolutely free.

Our ongoing full management fee is 20% inc GST of your nightly rate.

We charge a once off fee of $250 inc gst to create your listing and personalised house manual (which is deducted from your first monthly payout).

We also restock your property with guest amenities which are added as a monthly expense. Restocking your property will usually cost around $20 – $35 per month depending on how many bedrooms your property has.

Number Of Bedrooms Amenity Restocking & Linen Fee (Per Month)
2 $25
3 $35
4 $45

We also offer a meet & greet (key exchange) for properties which are not under our management and are already listed on Airbnb. We charge $60 inc GST per meet & greet.

Click our pricing page for more details.

Payouts occur at the beginning of each month. You will receive a monthly statement by email which will include how many nights you were booked, how much your bookings totalled and more.

Mine is Yours can pay clients out through bank deposit or Paypal. We will ask for your bank account details and/or Paypal email address when completing the management agreement.

Having your property managed by Mine is Yours is very different to residential letting. With Mine is Yours you are not locked into a long term contract. This is one of the benefits of listing with us, as you can have your property listed for as short or as long as you want.

The only document we require you to sign is a property management agreement. This basically outlines what our commitment is to you, the services we undertake and the process in regards to terminating your agreement with Mine is Yours. The most significant part of the management agreement is that once a guest booking has been confirmed, we must honour it.

Mine is Yours currently operates in the City of Melbourne across to the Dandenong Ranges and does to the Mornington Peninsula.

We will be expanding to other areas in the near future.

Mine is yours currently utilises platforms such as FlipKey, Tripadviser, AirBnB, Kid & Coe, Stayz &

Mine is Yours is suitable for many different property owners. Some examples are:

  • You have (or currently) lease out your property and are disappointed with low returns.
  • You work abroad / travel for a large proportion of the year but would like the flexibility of being able to use your property at times.
  • You would like to test out your property on the short term vacation market to see it’s potential.

Airbnb properties can have a far higher return on investment, often more than double what a normal residential tenancy can provide.


After you have given us a few initial details, we will contact you by phone or email to organise a consultation. From there, we can discuss your property, organise photography and get started with creating your Airbnb listing!

Full Management: You are able to cancel the management of your property with Mine is Yours at anytime. However, if we have a confirmed reservation for your property while under the management of Airbnb, you must honour it. As your property may be listed under a Mine is Yours account, we cannot cancel any reservations once they have been confirmed as this directly affects our account standing. This is why we recommend that to begin with, bookings through the variable platforms should only be accepted for 3-6 months in advance as circumstances may change for your situation or property.

Meet & Greet (Key Exchange): Cancellations made 7 days or more before a scheduled service is free of charge. If a cancellation is made within 7 days, 50% of the fee will be refunded. Please see our Terms of Service for more information.

Mine is Yours screen guests in accordance with your preferences. If you don’t want young kids staying at your property, no problem. If you only want guests who have prior positive reviews, that’s not an issue either. You have the final say in what type of guest you would like.

We create a unique house manual for each property which will include your house rules. This is where you can set out any rules that your guests must abide by while staying in your home.

We can also set a security deposit for each guest. This is to help cover minor incidents which may (rarely) occur during a stay such as a broken glass or lost key.

As an example Airbnb offers a $1,000,000 AUD Host Guarantee programme which is designed to protect hosts against damages to their own possessions or premises in the rare instance of property damage by their guests in listings.

Also as an example Airbnb also offers a Host Protection Insurance programme which is designed to protect hosts against third party claims of bodily injury or property damage. The insurance policy under the Host Protection Insurance programme is provided through Lloyd’s of London, one of the world’s most reputable insurance organisations.

Your property must be in full working order with no maintenance issues. This includes eliminating any dangerous or obvious hazards as well as insuring that every appliance works properly.

As a part of our management agreement, all highly valuable and sentimental items must be either securely stored (locked) or removed from the property.

Once we have received your enquiry, we will email you a checklist of items that are required for an Airbnb property. The list also includes some extras to give your property that 5 star touch.

We will supply your property with the following guest amenities:


Mine is Yours Guest Amenity Restocking List
Shampoo (30ml)
Conditioner (30ml)
Body wash (30ml)
Bar of soap (20gm)
Toilet Paper (double length roll)
Hand Dishwashing Liquid (20ml sachet)
Dishwashing Powder (10gm sachet)
Laundry liquid (20ml sachet)
Garbage Bags (Small 18L)
Garbage Bags (Large 36L)
Disposable Kitchen Wipes
Hand Wash (per 250ml refill)

We will arrive at your property ahead of time (usually about half and hour) and prepare it for check in. This may include turning on lights, opening some windows, blinds etc. We will happily meet and greet your guests, hand them the keys, show them important features of your space (WIFI password, heating controls) and ensure that they are aware of your house rules. If it has been pre-arranged, we will also ensure that essentials and toiletries are restocked.

We realise that flight delays, getting through immigration, heavy traffic are all common occurrences with travellers. Therefore we allow a 1 hour window for being on site for check in. We will coordinate with the guests pre-arrival to ensure we are there at the most appropriate time.

For example, if a guest flight is scheduled to arrive at 3pm, we will attempt to be at the property 15 minutes before their arrival. If a property is approximately 1 hour from the airport, this means we would arrive at around 3.45pm and the 1 hour block would then begin.

In the event a guest doesn’t show up or changes a check in time, we will depart the property and coordinate with the guest over the phone to organise a smooth check in. In some circumstances, if we are notified that guests will be delayed and you have given us permission to wait, an additional payment of $40 inc GST for each additional hour will be charged.

Depending on Mine is Yours schedule, we may be able to wait longer for your guests. Upon requesting a meet & greet service, we will ask you whether you give us approval to wait for your guest past our initial one hour window. If you accept this and the guest is more than 1 hour late then you will be charged an additional $40 inc GST per hour. You will be charged for a second hour ($40  inc GST) immediately after the initial one-hour window has passed.

If a Client has not given Mine is Yours permission to wait for a guest(s) and the guest(s) do not show up within the 1st hour then we will safely depart the property and continue to attempt to coordinate over phone to ensure a smooth entry. If you would like Mine is Yours to return to the property for an alternative check in then we will charge an additional $60 inc GST as well as the initial meet & greet amount owed.

Having your home managed by Mine is Yours will mean that your property will be placed under one of our Listing accounts. This is so that we are able to be notified instantly for any notifications that guests may have. You do have a degree of control while your property is managed with us.

For instance, you can choose when you would like your property to be made available, what kind of guests you will allow at your property (i.e. You may not want young children staying), what your nightly rate will be and more.

If you want complete control of your listing. We are able to create your Airbnb listing for you under your own account name. This means that we do not actively manage your listing. This can be found here.

During our initial inspection, we will go through your property and determine whether we will be able to manage it. If the answer is yet then we will briefly go through the Mine is Yours property checklist to ascertain what items will be needed or removed in preparation for guests.

Otherwise if we believe that your property is ready to list and you supply us with appropriate photography then we can usually have it online within 7 – 10 days once you have signed our management agreement.

Please be aware that we charge a once off fee of $250 inc GST to create your listing and personalised house manual. This amount will be deducted from your first monthly payout.

If your property needs professional photography then it may take between 7 – 14 days to have your property ready for Airbnb. Photography prices are as follows:

2 Bedroom: $120

3 Bedroom: $140

4 Bedroom: $160

We will manage most properties however there are some exceptions:

  • We do not manage private rooms within properties.

On each listing, you are able to set a cleaning fee which means this cost is actually passed on to the guest. We use this fee to pay for our cleaners.